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Oct 11, 2009

Lionel Train Service Repair Manuals and Catalog 2 CD Set [paydotcom review]

Do You Love Lionel Trains As Much As I Do?
If you enjoy collecting lionel trains, listen up closely as this may be most important letter you'll ever read.

As an avid model train collector yourself, you'd have most likely asked these questions:

How can I repair or restore my vintage lionel trains set the easy way without paying expensive repair fees?

Where can I locate an excellent reference source for train parts, accessories, operating car, track layouts and electronics?
Is there a full complete catalog of photos and diagrams of every single vintage lionel train? ...

If you've ever pondered about any of the above, believe me, I know how you feel. I've once asked myself these questions. The good news is, there is a complete solution to this...

Introducing The Lionel Trains Complete
Service Repair, Restoration Guide, Parts List
and Full Color Catalog 2 Disc Collection ...

This CD contains over 40 Lionel Train Service, Repair, Restoration, Catalog and Information Manuals covering the years 1902 - 1986
Includes over 400 pictures and over 2000 pages of information and thousands of illustrations with diagrams, parts lists, pictures and blueprints
With easy-to-follow illustrations and schematics clarify the setup, installation, and repair, service details
more detail...

"But Frank, Will This Work With Any Other Model Trains?"

Absolutely! The guides will help you repair ,service and restore any
other types of model train
... even if you do not own a lionel train.

so dont miss it!!!!